Powerful Wazifa and Dua to Control Husband Anger and Make Him Love Me

Powerful Islamic Wazifa for Angry Husband

wazifa to control angry husbandMarriage is a blessing for people and it makes people enter into a new phase of their life. For the women, this new phase of life tends to be quite challenging. After marriage, a woman has to adjust with her husband and in-laws. She has to adopt all the changes that come in her life after marriage. She depends totally on her husband for making her married life successful and prosperous. But most of the time, wives don’t get what they want from their husbands. Instead of love and care they have to face their husband’s anger and rude behavior. If you are suffering from this problem then you need wazifa for angry husband.

Wazifa to Control Husband Anger

Wazifa is a way by which you can present your wish to the almighty Allah in the right way. It is a form of dua that has to be recited in a continuation and for multiple days. Wazifa is available for everything. It is the solution for every problem. For all those wives who are unhappy because of their husband’s anger and bad behavior towards them, wazifa for angry husband is the best remedy. This wazifa has the power to remove rudeness and anger from anyone. It will make your husband calm, generous and kind. From an angry man your husband will turn into a loving and caring person.

Dua To Make My Husband Love Me

 Wazifa to control husband Anger is simple to be performed. But you have to do it in the right manner and with full dedication. With the help of this wazifa, you can control your husband and make him obey you. Then you will never have to face your husband’s anger anymore. The procedure of performing this wazifa to control husband Anger is given below-

  • dua to make my husband love meMake fresh wuzu as you have to perform this wazifa only in the state of wuzu;
  • Recite “innALLAHA yusmiu’ manyashao” for as much as you can but in odd numbers only like 3,5, 7, 9, etc.;
  • After reciting the above written dua, you have to blow your breathe on your husband. You can do this from a distance also.

Powerful Dua To Control Husband

This wazifa along with powerful dua to control husband will surely make your married life prosperous. Your husband will start obeying you and he will do whatever you want him to do for you. Your husband’s behavior towards you will also become polite and generous. You will get your husband’s love if you recite powerful dua to control husband. You will feel satisfied when you have complete control over your husband.

Powerful Dua To Get What You Want

wazifa to control husband AngerBeing a married woman, it is your right to receive attention and love from your husband. It is the responsibility of your husband to fulfill your wishes and take good care of you. There is a   powerful dua to get what you want. You can recite this dua everyday in the state of purity to get all what you want from your husband. But you should not recite this dua for fulfilling your wrong intentions. You should recite it for good reason only like for getting your husband back or for good health of your husband or anything else that is good for you and everyone else. As you know this is a powerful dua to get what you want so it definitely gives you desired results. If you are very upset because your husband doesn’t love you then you should recite dua to make my husband love me. If you recite this particular dua daily, you will get lot of love and respect from your husband. Then you will become happy as your married life will become awesome and exciting.


  1. assalamoualaikum.i am from mauritius,my husband is very angry with me.since 2 month he is not talking.im trying several wazifa but he is still angry and away from me.he eat at his mother place. i doubt there is a sort of black magic done on him or on me which is creating distance in between us…i have tried several dua but he is still angry.please for Allah sake ramzan is coming i want we do sehri and iftaar together.he dont eat when i cook.he dont utter a single words with me.

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