Apni Pasand Ki Shadi Ka Asan and Best Wazifa in Islam in Urdu

Apni Pasand Ki Shadi Ka Asan and Best Wazifa in Islam in Urdu
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Apni Pasand ki Shadi ka Wazifa in Islam

apni pasand ki shadi ka wazifaEveryone wants to marry the person whom they find perfect for them. Some people find their perfect match by themselves while some rely on their parents to find someone for them. If you like someone and you really want to make that person yours for life, you have to marry that person. To marry the person you love, you have to convince your family. In this task, you can take help of Jaldi Pasand Ki Shadi Hone ka Wazifa in Hindi. In Islamic astrology books, you can easily find this wazifa. You just have to recite this wazifa and all your marriage related problems will be solved.

For those who need wazifa for marriage but they don’t know urdu or Arabic, it is good to recite Jaldi Pasand Ki Shadi Hone ka Wazifa in Hindi. If your marriage is getting delayed from a long time, this wazifa will solve this problem and remove all the hurdles because of which your marriage is getting delayed. If you know Urdu language, it is better to recite Pasand ki Shadi ka Wazifa in Urdu. Any Islamic astrologer or a Molvi will provide you this wazifa. He will also tell you the duration for performing this wazifa so you can do it accordingly.  Pasand ki Shadi ka Wazifa in Urdu is for all those who crave to marry their desired partner as soon as possible.

Jaldi Pasand Ki Shadi Hone ka Wazifa in Hindi and Urdu

jaldi pasand ki shadi Hone ka asan wazifaIf you want to marry the person whom you love but you think there might be some complications in your marriage then you should perform Pasand Ki Shadi Ka Best Wazifa. This wazifa will simplify all the complications that are preventing your marriage. It will remove all the obstacles from your path to love marriage. With the help of this wazifa, you can easily marry the person whom you truly love. You can start this wazifa any day but you have to perform it as per the guidelines. The guidelines for performing Pasand Ki Shadi Ka Best Wazifa are as follows-

  • Make fresh wuzu as you can’t perform this wazifa without making wuzu;
  • Before going to bed, recite “Durood-e Pak” for 11 times;
  • Now recite Surah Ikhlas for 41 times which is given below-

               Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem
Qul Huw-Allahu Ahad
Lam Yalid Wl Lam Yulad
Wa Lam Yakul Lahu Kufuwan Ahad.

  • Again recite “durood-e-Pak” for 11 times;
  • Now pray to Allah (swt) for your marriage.

Pasand Ki Shadi Ka Asan and Best Wazifa

pasand ki shadi ka asan wazifaYou have to perform this Pasand Ki Shadi Ka Asan Wazifa for 90 days without skipping even a single day. Surely Allah (swt) will listen to you and he will bless you with a partner of your choice. Also Allah (swt) will bless you with a hassle free marriage. Before starting this Pasand Ki Shadi Ka Asan Wazifa, you should perform istikhara for your marriage so that you can take Allah’s permission for your love marriage. Then you will feel completely satisfied about your decision.

Apni Pasand ki Shadi ka Wazifa in Islam is a powerful and effective remedy for setting up a marriage. With the help of this powerful wazifa, you can easily turn everyone in favor of your love marriage. There will be nothing to stop you then from getting married to the one you love the most.  Apni Pasand ki Shadi ka Wazifa in Islam is for both girl and boy as both have the right to marry the one whom they like.

Love marriages are mostly unaccepted by the conservative society but that doesn’t mean they are bad. In fact love marriages are a blessing for couples. Two people who love each other truly should marry each other after taking permission from their family.

As Salam Alai Kum,

Dear Brothers and Sisters, most of us think that we are doing everything correct and not harming anyone, then why our prayers are not answered? You might get your answer from the reasons are listed below

  • Do you believe in Allah SWT?
  • Are you impatient?
  • Are you punctual to namaz(5 times a day)?
  • Are you honestly fasting during Ramadan?
  • Are you paying your Zakat?
  • Are you asking something with a wrong intention?
  • Do you doubt that you might not get what you are asking for?
  • Are you involved in evil practices?

Our creator is the One on whose command everything relies upon, believe in Almighty, the most powerful and fulfill the above condition, In Sha Allah, very soon our wazifa, dua and amal will work for you as well, Ameen!

Khuda Hafiz

Molvi Abdul Rihab Ji

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