Strong Amal And Wazifa, Dua For Hair Growth In Urdu

Strong Amal And Wazifa, Dua For Hair Growth In Urdu
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Strong Dua For Hair Growth

Hair is the crowning glory of your personality. It intensifies your beauty and gives you a complete look. It adds beauty to your personality. People try different hairstyles upon themselves suiting to their requirement. Lengthy and beautiful hair on a pretty face is an icing on the cake. Who doesn’t wants to have fuller, voluminious hair. But due to work and stress, it poses a lot of challenges in maintaining a good quality hair. If you are also facing such problems and wish to achieve long, silky hair then this dua for hair growth could do wonders to your hair and help you get the desired results

wazifa for hair growth in urduNowadays, people undergo various kinds of treatments to get rid of hair problems. Some of them are excessive hair fall, dandruff, baldness, split ends etc making your hair look dull and lifeless.  Sometimes the treatments tend to be so harsh on your scalp and hair which ends up damaging your hair. Inspite of going to salons and spending huge amounts of money in buying  expensive oils and shampoos, one fails to get good quality hair. So, you need not be dejected with your looks as we have brought to you a powerful and strong dua for hair growth.

Wazifa For Hair Growth

You may recite the following dua for getting fuller, beautiful looking hair. The Dua is as follows:

This dua is been taken from the ayatas of Quran Shareeq and holds power from Allah(swt) to help you get shiny, beautiful and long hair.

‘Ya Munazzilash Shafa’i Wa Muzh’hibad Da’i anzil ‘ala Maabi Min Da’inn Shafaa’ann’

 يا منزل الشفاء ومذهب الداء, أنزل على ما بي من داء شفاء

  • Recite this dua for 3 times over your hair oil which you are going to apply.
  • Blow it upon the oil before you apply it.
  • After Isha Namaz, read “ALLAHU Al Bariyu Al Kabeeru- اَللّٰهُ اَلْبَارِئُ اَلْكَبِِِِِِِِيْرُ” 313 times.
  • Pray to ALLAH for your hair and blow on your hands and apply it on your hair.
  • Do this each day.

“Al Karimul ‘Aas Wal Mafaanaatul Faam”

Read this Wazifa for 100 times and blow it in water and ten rinse your hair with that water.

Do this 3 times in a week and continue this for one month.

Amal for Hair Growth in Urdu

Dua For Hair GrowthThe Amal for hair growth in urdu is as follows:

پاک صاف پانی اتنی مقدار میں لیں کہ جس سے آپ کے بال باآسانی دھل جائیں۔ یہ دعا ١٠٠ مرتبہ پڑھ کر پانی پر دم کریں۔ پھر اس پانی سے سر دھو لیں۔

اَلْکَرِیْمُ الْعَاصْ وَالْمَفَانَاتُ الْفَامْ

ایک ہفتے میں ٣ مرتبہ دم کیے ہوئے پانی سے سر دھوئیں۔ یہ عمل کم از کم ایک مہینہ تک مسلسل کریں۔

انشاء اللّٰه آپ کو فائدہ ملے گا اور آپ کے سر کے بال بہت لمبے اور گھنے ہو جائیں گے۔

After reciting the verses, pray to Allah(swt) to give you long, beautiful hair. Insha Allah you will be blessed with beautiful, lengthy hair and get away from all kinds of hair problems.

As Salam Alai Kum,

Dear Brothers and Sisters, most of us think that we are doing everything correct and not harming anyone, then why our prayers are not answered? You might get your answer from the reasons are listed below

  • Do you believe in Allah SWT?
  • Are you impatient?
  • Are you punctual to namaz(5 times a day)?
  • Are you honestly fasting during Ramadan?
  • Are you paying your Zakat?
  • Are you asking something with a wrong intention?
  • Do you doubt that you might not get what you are asking for?
  • Are you involved in evil practices?

Our creator is the One on whose command everything relies upon, believe in Almighty, the most powerful and fulfill the above condition, In Sha Allah, very soon our wazifa, dua and amal will work for you as well, Ameen!

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