Dushman Se Bachne Ya Nijat Ka Amal and Wazifa in Urdu

Dushman Se Bachne Ya Nijat Ka Amal and Wazifa in Urdu
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Dushman Se Nijat Pane Ya Hifazat Ka Amal

dushman se bachne ka wazifaNo matter how good you are with all the people, you must be having some people in your life who are jealous of you and hate you. It may be because of any business rivalry or personal grudge. Your enemies can make your life hell. Therefore you need Dushman se Hifazat Ka Amal. This amal will make you superior than your enemies. It will also make you free from your enemies and their evil things.

If your enemy is troubling you a lot and you want to defeat your enemy forcefully then you should recite Dushman se Nijat ka Wazifa after performing each obligatory prayer. The more you recite this dua, the more quickly it will show its results. This wazifa will make your enemy weaker and then you can easily defeat your enemy. Dushman se Nijat ka Wazifa that you should recite daily is written below. You can read it, learn it and note it down somewhere so that you can easily recite it after namaz-

Allahumma munzilal-kitab, wa mujriyas-sahab, wa hazimal-Ahzab, ihzimhum wansurna alaihim

Dushman Se Bachne Ya Nijat Pane Ka Wazifa in Islam in Urdu

If your enemy is threatening you in different ways and you are feeling helpless, you should recite Dushman Se Bachne Ka Wazifa. This wazifa will grant you powers over your enemy and then your enemy will be afraid of you. With the help of this wazifa, you can completely put down your rival. It will make your enemy completely silent in front of you. Dushman Se Bachne Ka Wazifa is mentioned below-

Wa Khasha Atil Aswatu Lir- Rehmani Fala Tasma U Illa Hamsa

You have to recite the above written wazifa everyday at least 7 times after every obligatory namaz. Surely, with the help of this wazifa, you will have control over your enemies.

Dushman Se Bachne Ka Amal

dushman se nijat ya hifazat ke liye wazifaSurely, if you have so many enemies you might feel insecure most of the time. You must be thinking a lot how to get rid of them so that you will start feeling comfortable and secured. The best solution for your problem is Dushman Se Bachne Ka Amal which is given below in several steps-

  • You can start this amal any time any day but whenever you do it just take a small and clean neem wood piece.
  • Before starting this Dushman Se Nijat ka Amal you have to make wuzu in a proper way.
  • Sit in an empty room at empty and clean place to perform this Amal.
  • Take a piece of blank paper and write your enemy’s name along with his/her mother’s name on that paper.
  • Recite Durood sharif for 11 times.
  • Recite Surah Kausar for 11 times.
  • Recite Bismillah hirRa’hmaan nirRa’heem for 1000 times.
  • After reciting Bismillah hirRa’hmaan nirRa’heem for each 100 times, you have to blow your breath on neem wood piece. Do the same thing 10 times.
  • Recite Durood shareef for 11 times and blow your breath on neem wood piece.
  • After doing above written things, you have to roll down the paper piece (on which you have written your enemy’s name) on the neem wood piece.
  • Then Pray to Allah (swt) to protect you from your enemies.
  • Keep the neem wood piece on which paper is rolled to a place where no one can reach.

The above mentioned Dushman se Bachne Ka Amal is very effective and it will surely grant you victory over your enemies.

As Salam Alai Kum,

Dear Brothers and Sisters, most of us think that we are doing everything correct and not harming anyone, then why our prayers are not answered? You might get your answer from the reasons are listed below

  • Do you believe in Allah SWT?
  • Are you impatient?
  • Are you punctual to namaz(5 times a day)?
  • Are you honestly fasting during Ramadan?
  • Are you paying your Zakat?
  • Are you asking something with a wrong intention?
  • Do you doubt that you might not get what you are asking for?
  • Are you involved in evil practices?

Our creator is the One on whose command everything relies upon, believe in Almighty, the most powerful and fulfill the above condition, In Sha Allah, very soon our wazifa, dua and amal will work for you as well, Ameen!

Khuda Hafiz

Molvi Abdul Rihab Ji

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